Zedcal-OP Plus Tablets 30's

Zedcal-OP Plus Tablets 30’s


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Product Description

Zedcal-OP Plus Tablets 30’s provides an effective formula for calcium. Therefore, essential cofactors like magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D3 help maintain strong bones and teeth. In addition, it maintains the health of the heart, muscles, and nerves.T

here is an increased need for calcium during adolescent growth and in old age.It is particularly vital for pregnant and lactating ladies and women around menopause. Calcium and magnesium balance is most important for the effective utilization of calcium and in preventing the formation of calcium oxalate stones.

Deficiency of calcium and magnesium can adversely affect heart and blood pressure. Vitamin D3 and zinc are essential for optimum absorption and normal metabolism of calcium in the body.