Cincro Tablet


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Product Description

Cincro tablets help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It also assists in sensitizing insulin receptors. This is important, especially for people who are not responding well to standard therapy. The patients should take it 30 min or even 1 hour before food. To help reduce postprandial sugars.

Cincro is specially formulated with chromium, biotin and cinnamon extract, which may aid in glucose metabolism, they also contain Vitamin C to enhance chromium absorption.

Cincro Tablet helps in the management of :

  1. mild to moderate pain.
  2. fever.
  3. headache.
  4. relieve menstrual period pain.

It is a widely prescribed and considered safe but is not suitable for everybody. Before taking it, let your doctor know if you have liver or kidney problems or are using blood-thinning medicines. It may affect the dose or suitability of this medicine.

Let your doctor know about all the other medicines you are taking because they may affect, or be affected by, this medicine.