We are a Kenyan-owned Online Pharmacy and Diabetes Care Center built from a patient-perspective. We are a licensed Online Pharmacy operating from Nairobi and delivering medical supplies countrywide. The establishment of the center and the pharmacy was to fill the gap that the diabetes patients faced. We noticed that the public is not well informed about what diabetes is and how to manage it. Their care primarily came from the healthcare team, which led to poor diabetes management. Therefore, we sought to involve those living with diabetes by creating various platforms to educate and engage them. DMRC shares information freely on all its social sites and our website.

We also noticed that another challenge facing people with diabetes was access to affordable drugs and services. Therefore, we came up with a DMRC pharmacy with a laboratory where we sell various diabetes medicine, do related tests, and free sugar and pressure screening. Our drug store is one of its own because it also has an online pharmacy where patients can order and get their drugs delivered at their doorstep. The online platform has been helpful, especially with this COVID 19 pandemic, because our community will get prompt delivery of medications at their home without worrying about their safety. DMRC also has an online medical clinic where we offer online counseling services at affordable costs.



To be the number one trusted center in offering Diabetes Awareness, Prevention, Management and Treatment in Kenya.


To promote healthy living and responsible diabetes management in Kenya.


a) To set up centers/Mobile clinics all over Kenya especially in the counties and rural areas where Diabetes Management and related support is not available and if available is not sufficient and Available on demand. b) To contribute towards early diagnosis of diabetes and therefore reduce related complications. c) To influence behavioural change so that people can lead healthy lifestyles.


I ordered my prescriptions from the comfort of my home. Moments later the delivery guy was at my doorstep. I was very happy that it worked!

Mercies Ouma

The best thing with online stores, is to get a reliable and trusted company that delivers anywhere and at anytime. Kudos DMRC!

Alicia Kamau