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Our Plan

As we establish ourselves, we aim to set up centers/Mobile clinics all over Kenya especially in the counties and rural areas where Diabetes Management and related support is not available and if Available is not sufficient and Available on demand. We believe information is power and nobody should suffer from Diabetes due to Lack of Knowledge or accessibility to it. With the help of other strategic partners, Donors and well-wishers we believe we can reduce the complication prevalence from Diabetes. We will work with various professionals to offer the following services:

  • Blood sugar screening
  • Eye and foot screening
  • Blood pressure check
  • Educating people on nutrition and about diabetes in its broader sense
  • Provision of insulin at subsidized prices/ Free to all T1 diabetics
  • Organizing events such as walks, outreach activities that will enable those with diabetes to get free services and donations
  • Carry out research through survey to know the greatest challenge people with diabetes face especially those in rural areas and how they can be helped
  • Kidney function test
  • Arterial function test


Offer the best Diabetes Awareness, Prevention, Management and Treatment in Kenya.


To promote healthy living and responsible diabetes management in Kenya


  • To share knowledge and increase awareness towards diabetes
  • To contribute towards early diagnosis of diabetes and therefore reduce related complications
  • To influence behavioral change so that people can lead healthy lifestyles
  • To influence pricing of diabetes medications and machines so that people can get them at subsidized prices.

These objectives are critical in making us the most popular and the best center which will be critical in growth and expansion.

Duncun Motanya

Duncun Motanya

Alice Kamau

Alice Kamau

Customer Service Manager
Donald Mwangi

Donald Mwangi

Brand Ambassador
Dr. Kanake Benjamin

Dr. Kanake Benjamin

Medical Consultant