Noxidil 2% Topical Solution 60ml


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Product Description

Noxidil 2% Topical Solution 60ml. Noxidil topical solution helps promote healthy hair growth. This solution works moderately and is probably the best hair loss solution on the market. Use it daily for up to four months for people to notice your change.

Minoxidil solution and foam are used to help hair growth in the treatment of male pattern baldness. It is not used for baldness at the front of the scalp or receding hairline in men. The foam and 2 percent minoxidil solution is also used to help hair growth in women with thinning hair.

Minoxidil belongs to a class of drugs known as vasodilators. It is not known how minoxidil causes hair growth. This medication is not used for sudden/patchy hair loss, unexplained hair loss (for example, if you have no family history of hair loss), or hair loss after giving birth.

  • Do not use this product if you are 18 years old or younger.