Higher N Msm Glucose Joint 90 Tabs


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Product Description

Higher N Msm Glucose Joint 90 Tabs. Powerful blend of bone and joint nutrients i.e. MSM with vitamin C which supports normal collagen formation for healthy bones and joints.

    • Specific joint support with over 700mg of glucosamine
    • hydrochloride and 1800mg of MSM per daily dose
    • Renowned glucosamine and MSM With vitamin C which is needed for cartilage formation
    • Copper contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissue

Higher N Msm Glucose Joint 90 Tabs. Combines the benefits of MSM and glucosamine and more! Need we say more?! Of course we do! It also uses the hydrochloride version of glucosamine for maximum bioavailability making it the perfect one-stop joint formula