Megavit Osteoprotect 20 Eff Tabs


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Product Description

Megavit Osteoprotect 20 Eff Tabs.

Sodium Hydrogen CarbonateMaltodextrinSweetenersAcidsSaccharinAspartame

Osteoporosis is a common disease of the bones that can affect both women and men and lead to fracturing.

These broken bones can lead to severe complications like Infection, Blood Clots, Disability, Dementia and even death.

In fact, 50% of women over age 65 who suffer a hip fracture will die within one year of the incident.

Certain factors promote the development of bone disease.

  • These include being a female, Caucasian race, increasing age and a small body frame.
  • Other risks include high protein intake, consuming soft drinks and alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise and the use of medications such as Ritalin, Synthroid, Levoxyl, diuretics and steroids.