Cinnabar Essential Oil Get up and Go

Cinnabar Essential Oil Get up and Go


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Product Description

Cinnabar Essential Oil Get up and Go Handmade from 100% pure essential oils of Peppermint and Eucalyptus citriodora. As a result, it will give you the energy boost you need when you need it.

  • Put 2-3 drops of the blend in your bath or a diffuser in the evening, and massage around your neck and upper body to relax and help you sleep off the effects of jet lag.
  • Do not apply directly to the skin without using a carrier oil, avoid contact with eyes and keep out of the reach of children.
  • Store in a cool place, preferably in the original container and use within 3 years.
  • DON’T Overdo It. More of a good thing is not always good. Even when diluted, an essential oil can cause a bad reaction if you use too much or use it too often. That’s true even if you’re not allergic or unusually sensitive to them