Tropicana Slim Diabetic (No calorie sweetener) 25s


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Product Description

Tropicana slim diabetic (No calorie sweetener) 25s is ideal for persons with diabetes. It has Chromium which helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

This sweetener tastes and sweetens just like sugar. Also, it is suitable for people with diabetes,and diet regimens. 1 sachet is equal to 2 spoons of sugar and hence good for your hot drinks.

Tropicana slim diabetic (No calorie sweetener) 25s works well in maintaining blood sugar level by limiting sugar consumption, thus works to prevent diabetes and also maintaining desired body weight. The sweetener is effective for you because it has:

  1. No sugar
  2. It lacks cyclamate
  3. No saccharin
  4. It does not have preservatives
  5. No aspartame
  6. with sucralose
  7. tastes like sugar
  8. low calorie

Variant :

  • 25 sachets
  • 50 sachets
  • 100 sachets