Sterile Eye Pad Each


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Product Description

Sterile Eye Pad Each prevent further injury to injured eyes. It is an ideal for protecting the wound from infection or strain.

They are an effective wound care option. Because the pads are sterile, each one comes individually wrapped, and their non-adherent gauze material ensures that the wrapping will not stick to the wound.

Reasons for use:

  • You may have a hyphaema or illness, so you need ‘cover’ the eye.
  • It allows you to heal fast and recover after damage if you have a corneal abrasion.
  • Eye safety.
  • During surgery and operations involving corneal anesthesia, you may be needed

Collagen dressings should be used to treat recurring or delayed wounds, pressure sores, and surgical wounds. These dressings serve as scaffolding for the development of new cells, which can be extremely successful in healing.