Optima AloeDent Toothpaste Whitening 100ml


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Product Description

Optima AloeDent Toothpaste Whitening 100ml

Aloe Dent is a line of revolutionary products for oral hygiene.

Optima AloeDent Toothpaste Whitening 100ml:

  • It contains Aloe Vera Juice as one of the carefully selected ingredients.
  • As a result, it creates a unique and exceptional toothpaste line.
  • Aloe Dent offers valuable support in the fight against tooth caries and gum disease.
  • Regular use as part of a proper oral hygiene program can balance the oral cavity’s pH for at least five hours.
  • Furthermore, thanks to its remarkable antibacterial properties, you’ll have a fresh mouth and visible benefit for a long time.
  • With soothing Aloe Vera and Silica, you will be able to maintain naturally white teeth.