On Call Plus Strips 50’s


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Product Description

On Call Plus Strips 50’s go hand in hand with Oncall plus glucometer. They are two tins in one box. One tip has 25 strips and the other 25strips. You need a very small blood sample to conduct the test


  • Easy to Use
  • Use for Self testing of blood sugar level
  • 50 strips pack (Without Outer Box)
  • Code Chip


For testing glucose in whole blood


glucose oxidase


Use with On Call Plus blood glucose meter

  • Insert the test strip in the direction of the arrow to turn on the meter Test strips work with a system technique and a key that the blade performs for extensive tests such as the safety of the test strip before each test
  • Store test strips in its original vials only
  • DO NOT use the test strips after the expiration date printed on the package or vial since it may cause inaccurate results
  • DO NOT cut, bend, or alter test strips