Now Magtein Vcaps 90’s


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Product Description

Unlock the potential of your brain with Now Magtein Vcaps 90’s, a premium magnesium supplement designed to support optimal brain health and cognitive function. Magnesium is a vital mineral known for its crucial role in bone health and nervous system function. However, recent research has shed light on its importance in promoting brain health and cognitive function.

Key Features:

Enhanced Absorption: Now Magtein features a patented form of magnesium called Magtein™, which is specifically designed to easily cross the blood-brain barrier for enhanced absorption and utilization by the brain.

Brain Health Support: Magtein™ supports brain health by maintaining the density and stability of neuronal synapses, crucial for optimal cognitive function and memory retention.

Cognitive Enhancement: Laboratory studies suggest that Magtein™ may facilitate learning, memory, and overall cognitive function, making it an ideal supplement for individuals seeking to support their mental acuity.

Relaxed Mood: In addition to cognitive benefits, Magtein™ may also promote a relaxed mood, helping you stay calm and focused even during challenging situations.