Natures Plus Spiru-tein Protein Shake Vanilla 480gm


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Product Description

Elevate your nutritional intake with Nature’s Plus Spiru-tein Protein Shake Vanilla 480gm, a premium protein powder designed to support your health and vitality. Crafted with a unique blend of superior ingredients, this vanilla-flavored protein shake offers a comprehensive array of nutrients to fuel your body and promote overall well-being.

Key Features:

  • Superior Tri-Part Protein Blend: Each serving contains a superior tri-part protein blend of rice, pea, and soy proteins, providing essential amino acids necessary for muscle building and repair.
  • Complete Nutrition: Nature’s Plus Spiru-tein Powder delivers 100% Daily Value of all vitamins and a broad profile of essential minerals, ensuring you receive comprehensive nutrition to support your active lifestyle.
  • Energy Nutrients: Enriched with high-quality tri-part protein and bee pollen, this protein shake provides essential energy nutrients to fuel your body and enhance performance.
  • Dietary Aids: Formulated with lecithin, spirulina, choline, and inositol, Spiru-tein supports digestion, metabolism, and overall health.
  • Enzymes and Cleansing Agents: Includes bromelain, papaya, and chlorophyll for added digestive support and cleansing benefits.
  • Fiber-Rich Formula: With a blend of bran, cellulose, and apple pectin, this protein powder offers a rich source of dietary fiber to support digestive health and promote satiety.