Natures Aid Optigut-C 15b Probiotics Powder 120g


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Product Description

Natures Aid OptiGUT-C is a groundbreaking probiotic powder that revolutionizes digestive health support. This product uniquely combines 15 billion live bacteria from three carefully chosen species: Lactiplantibacillus plantarum, Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus, and Bifidobacteria animalis subspecies lactis. These strains work in perfect synergy to promote a healthy gut microbiome, demonstrating resilience against bile and gastric acid to ensure effective colonization.

Enriched with prune, inulin fiber, and calcium, OptiGUT-C supports digestion by aiding digestive enzymes, enhancing muscle function in the bowel, and providing a nourishing environment for beneficial gut bacteria. The inclusion of magnesium further supports normal muscle function, including those vital for bowel health.

Every teaspoon of OptiGUT-C delivers a potent blend of scientifically researched bacteria and 3g of prebiotic fiber, making it an ideal choice for adults and children from the age of two. This vegan-friendly formula is meticulously crafted by our expert nutritionists to support your digestive health with precision-targeted nutrients:

  • Calcium: Supports the normal function of digestive enzymes.
  • Magnesium: Aids in maintaining normal muscle function, including in the bowel.
  • Inulin: Acts as a prebiotic fiber, supporting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

OptiGUT-C is free from gluten, wheat, yeast, dairy, and nuts, ensuring its suitability for a wide range of dietary preferences. Its room temperature stability eliminates the need for refrigeration, offering convenience and ensuring potency.

Key Features:

  • Unique blend of three species of bacteria for synergistic digestive support.
  • Enhanced with prebiotic fiber, prune, and essential minerals for optimal gut health.
  • Vegan-friendly and suitable for adults and children over 2.
  • Free from common allergens and stable at room temperature.