Holland & Barrett Ultra Woman Multivitamin 100’s


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Product Description

Holland & Barrett Ultra Woman Multivitamin 100’s , was created since women’s bodies come with their own unique nutritional needs. Give your body the right amount of vitamins and minerals it needs to bring out the best woman you can be! Also has Calcium to help maintain healthy bones. Also, it contains folic Acid for reproductive health and Vitamin C to support skin health.

  1. Daily multi high potency premium formula for women
  2. Contains calcium, vitamin D, copper, selenium, zinc among other essential vitamins and minerals
  3. Helps maintain normal bones and muscle function

Holland & Barrett’s Ultra Woman Multivitamin 100’s is a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement is the synergistic blend of essential nutrients provides nutritional support for women, in a convenient one-a-day coated caplet.

Contains calcium and Vitamin D which are needed for the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function. Copper contributes to normal hair and skin pigmentation, the maintenance of normal connective tissues and iron transport in the body.

Zinc contributes to normal fertility and reproduction as well as the maintenance of normal hair, skin and nails and Iron contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin.