Giloba Ginko Biloba| Brain Suppliment – 30 CAPS

Giloba Ginko Biloba| Brain Supplement – 30 CAPS


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Product Description

Giloba Ginko Brain Supplement contains Ginkgo flavonoids, the principal components of the herb, which help maintain blood circulation. As a result, it is beneficial to the elderly who need to enhance memory. Students to study for exams. Anyone who wishes to have optimum memory activity. Those with poor circulation and its related problems.

In addition, it may enhance hair growth through circulation in the scalp.Giloba Ginko Brain Supplement capsules in Kenya contain Ginkgo biloba which has been used for improving blood flow in the human body,¬† and to improve memory/concentration due to a range of brain disorders which include dementia and Alzheimer’s disease , and for relief of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), dizziness, and eye problems.