Flents Swimmers Ear Plug


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Product Description

Flents Swimmers Ear Plug are comfortable water-proof swimming earplugs for kids and adults block out water and help prevent ears. They are also great for the various water activities.

These comfortable, inexpensive swimming ear plugs are a great choice for children over seven and adults. The orange color makes it easy to see if the kids still have the plugs in, and they are easier to find if you drop them. Each pair is packed individually with a handy carrying case. Not recommended for those with smaller than average ear canals.

features of Flents Swimmers Ear Plug:

  • Protect your ears while swimming, showering, and bathing
  • Soft silicone is moldable to fit the shape of your ears
  • Seal out water and keep your ears dry and safe
  • NRR 21 protection from noise