Flents Metal Lice Comb


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Product Description

Flents Metal Lice Comb is designed for fine combing to remove head  lice and their eggs.
  • Metal lice comb
  • Removes lice and their eggs
  • Safe, non rusting aluminum teeth

how to use Flents Metal Lice Comb

  • Shampoo with a lice controlling shampoo
  • Take care to remove all snarls with an ordinary comb or brush. Start by separating hair into thin 1 inch sections. While hair is still wet, proceed to step 3
  • With the comb imprint facing upward, place the teeth of the comb as close as possible to the scalp while taking care not to spread eggs to previously cleaned areas. Hold the comb at a 45 degree angle towards the head during use
  • Carefully comb each section of hair starting at the scalp and move down to the end of the hair, making sure hair does not reach the base of the comb. When entire head has been combed, rinse hair thoroughly with warm water
  • After hair has dried, inspect entire head for any stray eggs and remove if any are found
  • To clean, boil comb in water for 10-15 minutes