Fertilady Satchets 60’s


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Product Description

Fertilady Satchets 60’s is a supplement  provides important nutrients to support the functioning of the female body during attempts at conception. When planning to have a child, a properly balanced diet can become a chief asset. Zinc plays an important role during this period.

Folic acid takes part in the division of cells that are essential in oogenesis. Also, it contributes to the growth of the mother’s tissues during pregnancy. Vitamin B6 regulates hormone activity. On the other hands,  vitamin A plays a role in the process of cell specialization.

  • It helps in development of quality eggs for fertilization (particularly in IVF procedures)
  • Aids in the achievement of healthy pregnancy particularly in the early stages.
  • Contains Levomefolic acid, the bioactive form of Folic acid preventing folate deficiency in persons who have difficulty metabolizing the common synthetic form.