Eliquis 5mg Tablets 60`s


Eliquis 5mg Tablets 60`s


Eliquis 5mg Tablets 60`s is a blood thinner that reduces blood clotting. Also, it reduces the risk of stroke and systemic embolism in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation

  • This medicine helps to prevent blood clots from forming by blocking Factor Xa, which is an important component of blood clotting.
  • Eliquis is used in adults: – to prevent blood clots (deep vein thrombosis [DVT]) from forming after hip or knee replacement operations.
  • After an operation to the hip or knee you may be at a higher risk of developing blood clots in your leg veins.
  • This can cause the legs to swell, with or without pain
  • .If a blood clot travels from your leg to your lungs, it can block blood flow causing breathlessness, with or without chest pain.

This condition (pulmonary embolism) can be life-threatening and requires immediate medical attention.
– to prevent a blood clot from forming in the heart in patients with an irregular heart beat (atrial fibrillation) and at least one additional risk factor.