Efferalgan 500mg Tablets 16’s


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Product Description


Efferalgan is a drug indicated for the symptomatic treatment of mild to moderate and/or febrile states pain.

How to use


This medication can be taken indifferently during or between meals, with an interval of 4 to 6 hours between 2 doses. In case of renal insufficiency , the interval between 2 takes must be at least 8 hours. The 500 mg effervescent tablets are intended for adults and children over 13 kg. 500 mg tablets are intended for adults and children over 27 kg. 1 g effervescent tablets are for adults and children over 50 kg. Usual dosage: Adult and children over 50 kg: 500 mg to 1 g, 1 to 3 times daily. Do not exceed 3 g of paracetamol per day without medical advice. In severe pain in adults, especially in osteoarthritis , the maximum dosage can be increased to 1 g of paracetamol, 4 times a day, only on medical prescription.


This medication should not be used in patients with severe liver disease.