Durex Extra Safe condoms are a little thicker than normal condoms. Giving more confidence and protection. Durex is probably the most well recognised and used brand through out the world with nearly 80 years experience.

Durex Extra Safe condom features

  • Slightly thicker
  • With extra lubrication
  • Easy-On Shape
  • Sensi-fit Condoms
  • Smells Better

Created with slightly thicker latex and extra lubrication, they’re designed to enhance pleasure and protection in all kinds of sexual experience. Relax and let go, knowing you can have fun without forfeit to safety.
Remember, no contraceptive is 100% effective against pregnancy, HIV or sexually transmitted infections. It’s good to be in the know, so make sure you read the instructions inside info inside.

Natural Rubber Latex. Normally shaped condom. Length: 205 mm Width: 56 mm Thicker, and has an odour masker