Country Life L-Maxi-Skin 2.74Oz(78G)

Country Life L-Maxi-Skin 2.74Oz(78G)



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Product Description

Country Life L-Maxi-Skin 2.74Oz(78G) Restore skin health and make it glow with Maxi-Skin Collagen Vitamins C & A Powder from Country Life. This blend packs Verisol Bioactive Collagen Peptides to boost skin elasticity and lessen the appearance of eye wrinkles. Skin-loving vitamin A & C could help protect and preserve your layers further.

  • This flavorless formulation from Country Life  nutritionally support each of the three layers of skin for comprehensive benefits. Verisol could act on skin’s collagen metabolism from deep within to reveal visibly firmer and glowing skin with reduced wrinkles. It could slow down skin’s natural aging procedure and show off a vibrant outer layer.
  • Vitamin C appears to have anti-aging properties that could reduce the appearance of blemishes reduce inflammation and boost collagen production to support the benefits of Verisol. Vitamin A could shore up your skin’s natural response to damage. It could soothe rough and dry skin reduce wrinkles and lighten post-breakout marks. Start taking Maxi-Skin Collagen Vitamins C & A Powder from Country Life and bask in the radiant glow of your skin.