Country Life Core Daily 1 Men’S 50 60Caps


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Product Description

Country Life Core Daily 1 Men’S 50 60Caps contain Probiotics, Whole Foods, Aloe, B Vitamins, enzymes and more. Instead of 6 different pill bottles and boxes. It’s just one comprehensive tablet to help you with versatile, across the board nutritional support.

It has  unique ingredients such as saw palmetto, encapsulated tomato lycopene, full spectrum probiotic blend and digestive enzymes, 100% inner fillet aloe vera, Sharp PS® Gold and more.

  • Supports metabolism and energy production
  •  Our unique vitamins for men are formulated with “Sharp PS Gold”, which supports memory and overall brain health. Active ingredient Boron supports healthy bones, muscles and joints. Also rich with antioxidants, Vitamin C, E, Saw Palmetto and ginger which support healthy eyes, skin and immune system