Contour Plus Test Strips 25’s


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Product Description

Achieve precise and reliable blood glucose readings with Contour Plus Test Strips 25’s, designed to work seamlessly with the Contour Glucose Meter. These strips are perfect for at-home testing and require no coding, making managing diabetes more convenient than ever.

Key Benefits:

  • Accurate Results: Contour Plus Strips are engineered to deliver accurate results, even at lower blood glucose concentrations. This level of accuracy is particularly crucial for individuals with diabetes who rely on dependable readings.
  • Interference Resistance: These strips remain unaffected by many common interfering substances, ensuring that your readings are trustworthy.
  • Hematocrit Correction: Featuring automatic hematocrit correction and an advanced algorithm, Contour Plus Strips maintain accuracy across a wide hematocrit range, from 0% to 70%.
  • Sip-In Sampling: The innovative Sip-In® sampling technology simplifies the process, helping you obtain the right amount of blood on the first attempt.

Benefits of Contour Plus Strips:

Managing diabetes requires precision and confidence in your measurements. Contour Plus Strips provide you with the tools you need to monitor your blood glucose levels accurately and conveniently.