Contempo Condom Bare back 3's

Contempo Condom Bare Back 3’s


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Product Description

Contempo Condom Bare back 3’s is for those who want to feel as if they are using nothing at all but still get all the reliable protection necessary from a condom. The contempo bare back condom is ultra thin, giving you the supreme sensitivity of almost wearing nothing at all.

With a special easy-fit shape, designed to be easier to put on and for extra comfort during use. Contempo is a leading brand in the USA. All Contempo condoms are manufactured in accordance with international standards (ISO4074 – 2002), and each condom is electronically tested for safety and reliability. Lubricated, teat-ended condoms. Nominal width: 53mm.

Usage instructions: Use each of Contempo Condom Bare back 3’s only once.