Clix Therapy Back & Knee Pack


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Product Description

Therapy Back & Knee Pack  is expertly designed by a chiropractor to provide unparalleled coverage and relief. This versatile pack is tailored to address discomfort in your back, spine, lumbar area, arms, legs, and knees. It’s your trusted companion for enhancing blood circulation and alleviating tension and aches effectively.

Key Features:

  • Full Coverage: Crafted with precision, this pack offers complete coverage for your back, spine, lumbar area, arms, legs, and knees, ensuring comprehensive pain relief.
  • Sciatica and Stomach Pain Relief: Our valued customers have reported remarkable relief from conditions like sciatica and stomach pain when using this therapy pack.
  • Long-Lasting Heat: Enjoy extended heat therapy sessions that typically last between 60-70 minutes. You can even fall asleep with it on, knowing that it won’t cause harm.
  • Cold Pack Option: Need a cold therapy solution? Simply place the pack in the refrigerator until it reaches your desired temperature, providing you with soothing cold relief.