Centrum Men 50+ 30’s


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Product Description

Centrum Men 50+ is a scientifically formulated multivitamin designed to fill nutritional gaps in your diet as you age. Tailored to meet the evolving health needs of men over 50, it provides a comprehensive blend of nutrients, including lutein and lycopene, to support healthy eyes and a healthy heart. Complete from A to Zinc, this multivitamin is your daily ally in maintaining vitality and overall wellness.

Key Benefits:

  • Targeted Support for Men 50+: Specially designed with the right levels of key nutrients to support men’s health post-50.
  • Heart & Eye Health: With lutein for eye health and lycopene for heart health, it supports two critical aspects of aging.
  • Comprehensive Nutrient Coverage: Provides essential vitamins and minerals to help fill dietary gaps, supporting energy, immunity, and metabolism.

How to Use:

  • Simple Daily Routine: Just one tablet daily with water, making it easy to incorporate into your daily health regimen.
  • Optimal Absorption: For best results, take alongside a meal.


  • Mindful of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin A, especially for specific groups such as pregnant women, to avoid exceeding safe levels.