Brucella Abortus Test


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Product Description

Brucella Abortus Test determines if one has brucellosis.  Handling animal or milk products infected with the brucella bacteria may lead to the infection. If you have the infection, your body will make certain antibodies to fight the bacteria. This test will, therefore, look for those antibodies in your blood.

Diagnosis of acute brucellosis is confirmed when seroconversion for Brucella IgG (enzyme-linked immunoassay) or a fourfold increase in agglutinating titres and complement fixation test (CFT) on convalescent testing are demonstrated. Blood cultures are important in the workup of suspected Brucella infection.

The many names of brucellosis include (human disease/animal disease):

  1. Malta fever/Bang’s disease
  2. Undulant fever/enzootic abortion
  3. Mediterranean fever/epizootic abortion
  4. Rock fever of Gibraltar/slinking of calves
  5. Gastric fever/ram epididymitis
  6. Contagious abortion/spontaneous abortion

Brucellosis is prevented by pasteurizing milk, eradicating infection from herds and flocks, and observing safety precautions (protective clothing and laboratory containment).