Beta Gripe Water 60Ml


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Product Description

Herbal remedy designed to ease stomach discomfort symptoms, including gas and hiccups. Relieves Colic. Contains Sodium Bicarbonate and Terpeneless Dillseed Oil. The gripe water is a herbal remedy available in liquid form. There are many variations, but most formulas contain a mixture of different herbs: fennel, ginger, chamomile, licorice, cinnamon, lemon balm sodium bicarbonate and terpeneless dill seed oil.
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Give gripe water immediately after feedings to help your baby avoid gas pain.
Newborns: half teaspoon 2.5ml
1 to 6months: 5mls
6-24 months old: 10ml
2yrs and older: 2-3 or 10 to 15mls