Azarga eye drops 5ml



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Product Description

Azarga eye drops 5ml contains two active substances, brinzolamide and timolol, which work together to reduce
pressure within the eye.

AZARGA is used to treat high pressure in the eyes, also called glaucoma or ocular hypertension, in
adult patients that are more than 18 years of age and in whom high pressure in the eyes cannot be
controlled effectively by one medicine alone.

2. What you need to know before you use AZARGA
Do not use AZARGA
• If you are allergic to brinzolamide, medicines called sulphonamides (examples include
medicines used to treat diabetes, infections and also diuretics (water tablets)), timolol, betablockers (medicines used to lower blood pressure or to treat heart disease) or any of the other
ingredients of this medicine (listed in section 6).
• If you have now or have had in the past respiratory problems such as asthma, severe long lasting
obstructive bronchitis (severe lung condition which may cause wheezing, difficulty in breathing
and/or long standing cough) or other types of breathing problems.
• If you have severe hay fever
• If you have a slow heart beat, heart failure or disorders of heart rhythm (irregular heartbeats).
• If you have too much acidity in your blood (a condition called hyperchloraemic acidosis).
• If you have severe kidney problems.
Warnings and precautions

Only use AZARGA for dropping in your eye(s).
If signs of serious reactions or hypersensitivity occur, discontinue the use of this product and talk to
your doctor.