Aqua Oleum Essential Oil Tea Tree 10ml


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Product Description

Aqua Oleum Essential Oil Tea Tree 10ml has a Fresh medicinal scent. It blends well with rosemary and spice oils. It is Anti-infectious, anti-viral, and invaluable for skincare.  In addition, it is a mini home-aid kit. Use it for baths and body massages.

Tea Tree oil is perfect for treating your skin and has anti-infectious and anti-viral properties as well as keeping bugs and insects at bay. Certified organic and 100% pure, this essential oil has a fresh medicinal scent and can be added to your bath or a vaporiser and blends well with ravensara, ravintsara, rosemary and spice oils.


Bath: 5-10 drops. Vaporiser: 3-5 drops. Body & massage:
5 drops/10ml base oil.
Tips: Keep in your first aid kit!