Afya Diary- The Diabetes Logbook


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Product Description

Do you have a Diabetes Logbook or as we call it Afya Diary?

The Afya diary is the place where you record your results, injections, other treatments, illnesses,  hypos etc. Also, it helps you to adapt your treatment, but is also a link between you and your doctor. There are different types of afya diaries. However, you can use anything such as a simple exercise book. The most important thing is to record #faithfully what you do. You also need to record what you experience.

What to Record

  • -Injections: time and dosage
    -Blood glucose: time and results
    -Urine glucose: time and results
    -Unusual experiences
    -Unusual exercise
    -Also, it will record results during your medical check-up: blood pressure (BP), pulse, feet, height, weight etc.

Afya diary is mandatory

It may not be easy to keep this record for weeks, months, and years on end, although it is necessary. Also, this will give you an overview of your diabetes, and how well you are coping with the main problems. Afya diary helps you make decisions more easily concerning the amount of insulin you need, exercise routine and many more observations.