Aerochambers Plus Flow-vu Adult (Blue)


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Product Description

The AeroChamber Plus Flow-Vu Adult (Blue) is a revolutionary device designed to optimize the use of metered dose inhalers (MDIs), making it easier for patients to correctly inhale their medication. Featuring an anti-static valved holding chamber, this device ensures maximum medication delivery to the lungs while minimizing deposition in the mouth and throat. The unique Flow-Vu indicator provides immediate feedback, confirming inhalation and aiding in correct usage.

Key Features:

  • Anti-Static Chamber: Enhances medication delivery by preventing static buildup.
  • Flow-Vu Indicator: Offers visual confirmation of correct inhalation, ensuring efficient drug delivery.
  • Universal Fit: Compatible with all commonly prescribed MDIs, accommodating a wide range of medications.

How to Use: Designed for ease of use, simply insert your MDI into the AeroChamber, exhale, and inhale your medication as the Flow-Vu indicator moves, signaling delivery. Suitable for adults and prescribed by healthcare professionals for those needing assistance with their inhaler technique.