Acnecide (5% Benzoyl Peroxide) Gel 30g


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Product Description

Acnecide 5% Benzoyl Peroxide Gel helps  in the battle against acne, offering a multi-faceted approach to achieving clear skin. This dermatologically tested gel is effective in targeting the root causes of acne—by eliminating acne-causing bacteria, reducing inflammation, and facilitating the unclogging of pores. It’s suitable for a wide audience, including adults, teens, and children, making it a versatile solution for anyone struggling with acne on various parts of the body such as the face, chest, or back.

With a formula that’s both powerful and gentle, Acnecide Gel begins to show results within weeks of consistent use. Its active ingredient, benzoyl peroxide, is recognized for its effectiveness in reducing the local population of Cutibacterium acnes, thus decreasing the production of irritant fatty acids in the sebaceous glands. For optimal results, it’s recommended to apply the gel in a thin layer to the affected areas once or twice daily, following a simple and convenient routine that fits seamlessly into your skincare regimen.