Why your acne treatment isn’t working

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Why your acne treatment isn’t working

Everyone wants flawless skin, right? But as fate has it, we cannot get everything we desire. However, when it comes to acne, there is a way out. With an acne care pack and a daily routine change, you can achieve that flawless skin you have desired for a long time. But why do you still have persistent acne even after using the most expensive creams? You could be doing it all wrong. First, you need to understand what causes your acne. The causes include;

-Excess production of sebum (oil)


-Clogged hair follicles. They may be clogged by oil, dead skin cells, or inflammation

Other factors that indirectly cause acne include

-Hormonal changes, especially during menstruation



-Skincare products and makeup can also clog pores and worsen acne

-Medications such as corticosteroids may also cause acne

– Polycystic ovarian syndrome and other endocrine disorders. They are characterized by excess hair growth, even some on the face, irregular menstrual cycle, and rapid weight gain.

It is good to visit a dermatologist who will analyze the cause behind your acne and suggest the best treatment for you. If you can’t afford a dermatologist, you need to follow these simple steps to prevent acne and spots.

-First, ensure that you do not sleep with makeup. The makeup may clog pores hence contributing to acne

-Keep your skin clean and dry to prevent bacteria-causing acne. Wash it with a neutral soap morning and evening

-take yogurt regularly to help clean your intestines

-Make fruits and vegetables your friends

-Avoid greasy care products, especially if you have an oily face

-Wear sunscreen with SPF 30+ daily to prevent spots, whether caused by acne or inflammation

Do not use facial products that have oil. Always check for the labels. For you to know that it will not clog pores, it should be labeled “non-comedogenic”. An example of a non-comedogenic oil is bio-oil. This is one of the skincare products that should not miss in your facial care routine because it helps clear scars. You can also use it on your body to reduce stretch marks. More of its uses are illustrated here.

How many glasses of water do you drink daily? Do you know that water plays a crucial role in clearing acne? When you drink water, at least 8 glasses a day, you promote hydration. Therefore, there will be no excess oil production hence no clogging of pores.

Another important activity that your dermatologist may have failed to mention is exercise. When you exercise, you sweat, and your pores open up. As a result, it removes dirt from your pore naturally, helping in clearing acne. Pay attention to this; take a birth immediately after you exercise because if you let the sweat dry on your skin, the dirt will reclog the pores and worsen acne. While exercising, you can have a clean towel to wipe away sweat before you finish up and take a bath.

Go, get that acne care pack. It should at least have a wash, toner, and moisturizer. Lately, incorporating serums has been proved to work effectively. One serum that has been found helpful is the acnes c10. Read more on its uses here. Using treatment, drinking enough water, exercising, and eating healthy food is the most effective combination of glowing skin. If you are determined to achieve flawless skin, start now.


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