VLCC Gold Single kit 150ml


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Product Description

VLCC Gold Single kit 150ml Deeply cleanse your skin and minimises the pores It helps in softening and whitening your skin tone Revitalises your skin and moisturises it without making it oily

There are myriads of benefits of sunscreen. Firstly, it offers UV protection by acting as a shield against the UV rays of the sun and prevents sunburn.

It prevents premature aging by reducing the signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, scars and many more. The VLCC’s sunscreens prevent tanning, uneven skin tone and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

That’s not all, our high-quality sunscreens can even enhance the health of the skin and keep it smooth. So, it’s totally worthwhile to use a VLCC sunscreen.

  • However, you shouldn’t only use it during the summers but you need to shield you skin all-year round.