Tropicana Slim – Sweetener – Lemon C 25s



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Product Description

Tropicana Slim Sweetener Lemon C works well in maintaining blood sugar level by limiting sugar consumption, and also maintaining desired body weight. The sweetener is effective for you because it has

  1. No sugar
  2. It lacks cyclamate
  3. No saccharin
  4. It does not have preservatives
  5. No aspartame
  6. with sucralose
  7. tastes like sugar
  8. low calorie

The Tropicana Slim sweetener Lemon C offers the perfect taste of sweet, does not promote dental cavities, safe for consumption by diabetics and non-diabetics as it does not affect insulin levels. It has low calories, tastes and sweetens just like sugar. Also, it is suitable for people with diabetes,and diet regimens.

Replace sugar in your favorite recipes as well as in dressings and dips.