Plameca Summum Propol – Immunity booster


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Product Description

Plameca Summum Propol syrup has a  pleasant taste and no alcohol is formulated. To strengthen children’s immunity it also contains propolis that has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties, vitamin C and echinacea extract standardized to polyphenols. Bees collect resins and sages from trees and then mix them with their saliva to produce propolis. This process is crucial because it makes them stronger and more resistant to bacteria.

The syrup lowers the chances of developing respiratory tract infections like : Common Cold, Laryngitis, Pharyngitis, Allergic rhinitis and Wound healing while also acting as a an immunity booster.


  1. Children from 4-8 years should take 5 ml of Propolis twice daily.
  2. Children from 8 years and above should take 10 ml of Propolis twice daily.
  3. The Propolis syrup works effectively for children aged 4-12 years.