OneTouch Select Plus Flex Glucometer

OneTouch Select Plus Flex Glucometer


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Product Description

OneTouch Select Plus Flex Glucometer has ColorSure™ technology that instantly shows when your blood glucose numbers are within or outside the range. Also, it is compact and has a slim design making it easy to take with you. OneTouch Select Plus Flex® meter uses BLUETOOTH® SMART† wireless technology to pair and send glucose results. This feature makes reviewing and tracking blood sugar information easy when you’re on the go.
  • ColourSure™ technology helps you to quickly understand if the result of the measurement is within the range or not
  • The small size makes it possible to take it with you everywhere
  • Memory of 500 results
  • Accuracy that you can trust
  • Use the OneTouch Select® Plus test strips with it

The first set of OneTouch Select Plus Flex Glucometer is simple and you can start using it immediately after you remove it from the box.