Nebicard 5Mg 30’S


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Product Description

Nebicard 5mg Tablets contain Nebivolol. The drug treats high blood pressure and prevents increased heart rate and controls heart pumping strength. Also, nebicard 5mg exerts a dilating action on blood vessels which contributes as well to lower blood pressure.

What is the best time to take nebicard?
Take the tablet exactly as your doctor tells you to. Swallow the tablet with a drink of water. You can take nebicard 5mg either before or after a meal. Try to take your doses of nebivolol at the same time each day.
Can I take nebicard at night?
Yes you can take it in the evening (but not morning) dosing significantly reduced prewaking systolic BP from baseline. Nebi given in the morning or the evening significantly reduces 24-hour BP parameters. Evening dosed  may confer some advantage over morning dosing in reducing prewaking systolic BP.
What is the benefit of nebivolol?
Nebicard 5mg significantly reduced heart rate and peripheral resistance and increased stroke volume, leading to a small increase in cardiac output as compared with atenolol. Improvements in diastolic function also highlighted its potential for use in the treatment of heart failure