Metoz 2.5mg tabs 30’s


Metoz 2.5mg tabs 30’s


Metoz 2.5mg tabs 30’s is a diuretic that treats blood pressure, edema, and fluid retention. Patients with severe kidney disease should use it with caution. Frequent monitoring of blood pressure and electrolytes level is necessary while taking this medicine.

  • Metoz 2.5 Tablet makes you lose excess water through urine. It may be used alone or in combination with other medicines.
  • This medicine should be taken only during day time to avoid frequent urination at night.
  • You must take Metoz 2.5mg tabs 30’s in the dose and duration as advised by the doctor and never stop it abruptly without consulting the doctor.

Common side effects of this medicine include headache, nausea, and dizziness. Consult your doctor if these side effects bother you.