Manix Capsule 20’s enhances sexual desire. It improves the immune system, prevents bacterial infection, stress, and anxiety. Also, it prevents constipation, allergy, abdominal distension and other conditions.

Manix is Wockhardt’s in-house research herbal capsule for men with low semen volume, poor sperm quality and count.

Manix Capsule 20’s contains highly potent herbal ingredients mixed in precise proportions using techniques perfected by Wockhardt’s scientists.

Sexual dysfunction is quite common in men and it increases with progressing age, but most men are hesitant to discuss it with their partners or are too embarrassed to get medical treatment.

The ingredients of Manix have a well researched and proven action in improving the sex life of men.

Manix primarily works by increasing the production of Testosterone, the main male sex hormone.

In other words Manix puts the MAN back in you. Manix has proved to be very beneficial in improving the sperm count, semen volume and sperm motility in oligospermic males