Lumigan 0.03% Eye Drops 3ml


Lumigan 0.03% Eye Drops 3ml


Lumigan 0.03% Eye Drops 3ml  contains bimatoprost which is used in the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension.

Lumigan Ophthalmic Solution is a prostaglandin analogue.

  • It works by decreasing the production of aqueous humor (fluid in the eye), thereby lowering the increased eye pressure.

Lumigan 0.03% Eye Drops 3ml contains Bimatoprost which belongs to a group of medicines known as prostamides.

  • It is an anti-glaucoma preparation, used to reduce high pressure in the eye.
  • It is used on its own or with other drops called beta-blockers which also reduce pressure.
  • Eyes contain a clear, watery liquid that feeds the inside of the eye.
  • The liquid is frequently being drained out of the eye and new liquid is made to replace this.
  • If the liquid cannot drain out quickly, the pressure inside the eye builds up.
  • Remove the contact lenses before applying this medicine.

Always use this medicine exactly as your doctor has directed you.

Lumigan 0.03% Eye medicine should only be applied to the eye.

This medicine may cause your eyelashes to darken and grow and cause the skin around the eyelid to darken too.


These changes may be permanent. Consult your doctor for advice.