Jamieson Baby D -Vitamin D 3 Drops For Infants 360 Drops


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Product Description

Jamieson Baby D3 Drops 1,000 IU offer unparalleled support for your infant’s health and development. Packed with pure and tasteless vitamin D3, each drop provides 1,000 IU of this essential nutrient, crucial for building strong bones, teeth, and maintaining overall wellness. These convenient droplets are easy to administer, ensuring your baby receives the benefits of vitamin D3 without any fuss.

Key Features:

  • Potent Vitamin D3: Each drop delivers a potent 1,000 IU of vitamin D3, a crucial nutrient for healthy bone and teeth development.
  • Absorption Aid: Vitamin D3 enhances the absorption of vital minerals like calcium and phosphorous, ensuring your baby’s growing body gets the nutrients it needs.
  • Immunity Booster: Support your infant’s immune system, helping them stay strong and resilient against common illnesses.
  • Convenient Droplet Form: Easy-to-take droplets make supplementation a breeze, even for the fussiest little ones.

Nurture Healthy Growth:

Jamieson Baby D-Vitamin D3 Drops for Infants 360 Drops are designed to nurture your baby’s healthy growth and development, providing the essential nutrients they need.

Strong Bones and Teeth:

Ensure your baby’s bones and teeth develop with strength and resilience, setting the foundation for a lifetime of health.

Boosted Absorption:

Vitamin D3 aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, crucial for proper bone and teeth formation.