Dormicum 15mg tabs 10’s



Dormicum 15mg tabs 10’s

Dormicum 15mg tabs 10’s or Midazolam Tablet is a prescription medicine used as a sedative or for conscious sedation before diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. As a result, It relieves anxiety and muscle tensions, thus making the person comfortable before investigations or minor surgical or dental procedures.

Some common side effects of this medicine include memory impairment, tiredness, depression, and confusion. It may cause dizziness

Pharmacology of Dormicum 15mg tabs 10’s:

  • Midazolam has a very rapid sedative and sleep-inducing action of pronounced intensity. It also exerts an anxiolytic, an anticonvulsant and a muscle-relaxant effect.
  • Ampoule: Midazolam is a derivative of the imidazobenzodiazepine group. The free base is a lipophilic substance with low solubility in water.
  • The basic nitrogen in position 2 of the imidazobenzodiazepine ring system enables midazolam to form water-soluble salts with acids. These produce a stable and well-tolerated injection solution.
  • The pharmacological action of midazolam is characterized by rapid onset, and because of rapid metabolic transformation, short duration. Because of its low toxicity, midazolam has a wide therapeutic range.
  • After parenteral administration, anterograde amnesia of short duration occurs (the patient does not recall events that occurred during the peak of activity of the compound).

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