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Cardiocare Capsules 30’s


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Product Description

Cardiocare Capsules 30’s is a phytonutrient supplement that seeks to provide support for cardiovascular health. It achieves this by promoting healthy muscle function, lipid metabolism, and antioxidant activity . Also, it promotes blood flow and energy metabolism.

Cardio-Care is an oral-chelation supplement, formulated to help prevent the changes to the blood vessels that can result in heart disease. The single biggest disease killer of adults is cardiovascular disease, particularly heart attacks and strokes. Emphasis should be on prevention instead of emergency treatment. The original formula, formerly named Orachel for “oral chelation” was proven effective in chelating and clearing arteries by a double-blind university study.

  • Garlic Extract: Supports normal blood circulation, reduces atherosclerosis & thrombus formation.
  • Magnesium ;Maintain proper cardiac rhythm, regulates blood pressure & Contributes to normal function of muscle and nervous system
  • Flaxseed Oil :Vegetarian source of omega-3 fatty acids reduces cholesterol, TG Level and raises HDL cholesterol.
  • B6, B12 & FOLIC ACID :Help maintain normal homocysteine metabolism

Cardiocare Capsules 30’s contains a proprietary blend of nutrients specially chosen for their evidence-based ability to benefit to the cardiovascular system and to assist the body in controlling blood pressure.