Canesten cream 20gm

Canesten cream 20gm


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Product Description

Canesten cream 20gm should be applied thinly 2 or 3 times daily and rubbed in gently.  Canesten Cream is used to treat fungal skin infections, such as thrush, fungal nappy rash, ringworm and athletes foot.

Canesten cream provides fast, soothing relief from irritation caused by fungal infections of the skin. Typical uses include treating:

  • Ringworm
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Fungal nappy rash
  • Fungal sweat rash
  • Irritation of the vulva (external thrush) or the end of the penis, which may be associated with thrush

Typical symptoms of yeast infections caused by yeasts like Candida albicans include itching, irritation and redness.

Fungal infections spread easily. It is for this reason that Travelpharm would recommend that you don’t share towels and other hygiene products.