Chlorpheniramine Piriclor Syrup 60Ml

Bispanol Elixir 100ml


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Product Description

Bispanol Elixir 100ml contains Hyoscine N ButylBromide BP 5mg. As a result, it is for Visceral spasms, adjunct in peptic ulcer disease, Motion sickness, Dysmenorrhea, and Post-operative vomiting.

Precautions: Prostatic enlargement. angle-closure glaucoma. myasthenia gravis.

Indications/Uses: Visceral spasm, adjunct in peptic ulcer disease 10-20mg tds. premedication. motion sickness. dysmennorhea. post-operative vomiting.

Interactions: Tricyclic antidepressants, quinidine and amantadine may potentiate anticholinergic effect.

Side Effects: Dry mouth. blurred vision. constipation.