Aniosept Sterilising Tablet


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Product Description

Aniosept sterilising tablet is a cleaning disinfectant. It is effective due to its high level
disinfection/cold sterilization. Also, it offers a wide antimicrobial spectrum
in 15 minutes. It also sterilizes instruments and endoscopes, thermosensitive equipment.

This tablet also acts as a disinfectant product for floors and surfaces. It can as well clean equipment compatible with chlorinated derivatives. Its  quick dissolving effervescent nature makes it very effective.

This  tablet is a 2 in 1 powder. It offers cleaning disinfection and cold sterilization. Also, the tablet has a wide antimicrobial spectrum
in 15 minutes. The shelf life Shelf-life of  Aniosept sterilising tablet  is 2 years

It comes in form of a powder liberating of peracetic acid. Also, the powder is hygroscopic powder  hence you need to keep in a dry place. Kindly ensure that the seal is fully closed between each use


Aniosept sterilising tablet is dangerous. Ensure that you follow the instructions for use  Storage which should be from +5°C to +30°C.

Cleaning guide

It is fundamental to make a  difference between the visual cleanliness and the
microbiological cleanliness.  Additionally, a surface can be macroscopically
clean and still contains a high-count of micro-organisms. Also, micro-organisms survival duration on surfaces is very variable.